JMSC Shanghai Centre Writing Course: Writing to Tell a Story June 1, 2, 10*, 11* 2013

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JMSC Shanghai Centre Writing Course: Writing to Tell a Story

June 1, 2, 10*, 11* 2013

Course Description:

Whether you’re working on a travel story, a personal narrative or a serious journalistic feature, there’s one ingredient that will take your writing to a higher level: storytelling. The best reporters and non-fiction writers set scenes. Their characters face dilemmas. Their stories keep us riveted and have as much suspense as any fictional tale. In this four-day class, spread out over two weekends*, we’ll do in-class writing exercises to break free of conventions and think about narrative.

We’ll workshop your stories. Using real-life examples from writers and reporters, we’ll talk about how to find and develop ideas, how to structure pieces and how to research stories in ways that make the telling easier, whether you’re working on travel features, memoirs, profiles or business stories. And we’ll unravel great writing by Peter Hessler, Barbara Demick, Atul Gawande, Gene Weingarten and others. How exactly do they do it?

By the end of the course, students should be able to:
# Write narratives that hook readers and keep them engaged
# Use advanced interview and research techniques to help stories come alive
# Complete two polished, convincing story pitches that will grab editors’ attention, and draw up a plan for reporting and writing the stories

Dates and Time: June 1, 2, and 10*, 11*, 2013, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Venue: HKU Shanghai Study Centre, 298 North Suzhou Road, HongKou District, Shanghai. (香港大学上海学习中心,上海虹口区北苏州路298号)

Course Fee: HK$3,500  |  Early Bird Fee: HK$2,500 (Before April 10th)

For course detail, syllabus, registration and payment, please go to

* According to 2013 holidays’ and off-work days’ schedule issued by the Chinese government, switching with 8th (Sat.) & 9th (Sun),  June 10th and 11th are part of a three-day Duanwu 端午holiday.

Lily Lu
Shanghai Centre Director
Journalism and Media Study Centre
The University of Hong Kong
137 6134 2815

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