Jifeng Bookstore press conference invitation

SFCC members are invited to a casual press conference introducing the official re-opening of Jifeng Bookstore on the 22nd of April 2013 from 6-8pm.

Jifeng Store, founded in 1998, by Yan Bofei and his friends, is considered one of the first privately-owned bookstores in China. At one point, it had 7 branches in Shanghai and one joint-venture operation in Taiwan. But times have been tough for private booksellers and competition from state-owned bookstores and online distributors have forced the group into financial difficulty. When the main flagship store (located inside the Shanxi Nan Road/Huai Hai Road metro station) threatened to close several years ago, the fans of the bookstore protested and the beloved bookstore remained open.

Now the famed bookstore has relocated its flagship store from the Shanxi Nan Road metro station to the Shanghai Library metro station and will officially re-open on Tuesday the 23rd of April.

Join Yan Bofei and the new owner of Jifeng Bookstore as they talk about the travails of operating an independent bookstore in Shanghai. Yan Bofei will also introduce his top three picks for books that everyone must read in 2013. (English Translation will be provided by Wu Yanting)

 Jifeng Bookstore

Shanghai Library Metro Station

(Line 10, Huai Hai Road/Gao An Road)

April 22nd Monday


(Yan Bofei and the new owner will be available for interviews during this time.)

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