LongHash is seeking an editor

LongHash is seeking an editor to shape our coverage of global blockchain trends, data stories, and news analysis.

We are a data journalism startup covering the fast-moving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Our team has a diverse background: Members of our staff previously worked for McKinsey, NASA, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Credit Suisse and Citigroup. We focus on deep dives and data-driven stories that can speak to a global mainstream audience, whether it’s tracking the movement of bitcoin through over-the-counter trading apps, or digging into the crypto mining scene in China.

Currently, LongHash has offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, and plans to eventually be in 10 cities around the world. You can see some of our stories here: longhash.com.

We are looking for someone who has professional editing and reporting experience, and is comfortable working with data. You should be curious and/or knowledgeable enough about crypto and blockchain to pick out emerging trends and interesting phenomena in the industry, and identify new topics to explore. International experience and languages are a plus.

At LongHash, you’ll also work with freelance writers from around the world, as well as our team of data scientists, to analyze industry trends and cut through the hype. You’ll also have the opportunity to write your own features.

We offer competitive compensation and editors can be based anywhere. To apply, please send your resume and clips to careers@longhash.com.

If you can’t take on a full time position but are excited by the idea of working with data scientists on in-depth pieces abouton crypto and blockchain excites you, we are also looking for freelance writers. Send us any relevant clips and/or story pitches to posts@longhash.com.

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