Student Seeking Internship – Kimberly Yam

I am a Junior in the SFS majoring in Regional and Comparative studies, with a focus in Sino-US relations.  I am interested in an internship in China, because I believe it would add great depth to my study in US-China relations.  I would like to pursue a career in either broadcast journalism, government, or marketing, so an internship in any of those fields with be very beneficial to me. I have great organization and communication skills, and would like to further develop them while in China.  I currently have a marketing and communications internship with Rock the Vote, an organization that links pop culture with voter awareness.  I write newsletters and blogs, and brainstorm ideas to get young people connected to the cause.  I will be able to apply the skills acquired from my current internship to any other jobs or tasks asked of me.  I am also an extremely fast learner, and am willing to learn any skills that are expected of me. I can be reached at


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