L.A. Theatre Works comes to Hangzhou and Suzhou in late May with“Top Secret: The Battle for The Pentagon Papers”


Dear FCC members: We’re passing on this notice on a well-reviewed play that is returning to the region late this month.


L.A. Theatre Works comes to Hangzhou and Suzhou in late May with


 “Top Secret: The Battle for The Pentagon Papers”

Top Secret: The Battle for The Pentagon Papers is an inside look at The Washington Post’s decision to publish a study labeled “top secret” that documented the history of the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. The subsequent trial pitted the public’s right to know against the government’s need for secrecy. The epic legal battle went to the nation’s highest court – arguably one of the most important Supreme Court cases.

Traveling to China with L.A. Theatre Works will be their producing director Susan Loewenberg; multiple award-winning director Brian Kite; and cast members Margaret Colin (Eleanor Waldorf-Rose on Gossip Girl), John Getz (The Social Network) and Gregory Harrison (Trapper John M.D., One Tree Hill, Ringer). Also in the cast are Hugo Armstrong, Josh Clark, Henry Clarke, Nicholas Hormann, Emilie Ohana, Darren Richardson, Peter Van Norden and Tom Virtue, who are known to Chinese audiences from popular TV shows such as CSI, Drop Dead Diva, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Six Feet Under, Weeds, Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip, The Office, The West Wing, Frasier, Seinfeld and Ally McBeal.

Covering the 2011 Chinese tour for The New York Times, Andrew Jacobs wrote, “During its 10-day run ‘Top Secret’ has played sold-out audiences…with many performances erupting in shouts of approval from the audience and standing ovations. Perhaps most gratifying…was that those audiences were almost entirely Chinese and young.”

May 25


Ticket hotline:0571-85109939 85177801

May 29



Ticket Hotline:4008-288-299

Discounts:购买2 tickets at 380元(含)and above can enjoy 10% discount; 4 tickets and above can enjoy 20% discount

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