Rockbund Art Museum: Group Exhibition Advance through Retreat from May 10 to August 3, 2014. Exhibition opening is on May 9.

The exhibition Advance through Retreat aims to look at traditional media from a different angle. Taking up all six floors of the Rockbund Art Museum, the exhibition sets out to present artistic positions using traditional media and procedures, such as divination, the game, gambling and traditional strategies—for instance, “advance through retreat”—in order to develop autonomous languages that utter positions of resistance to the assimilating tendency and the power structures generated and maintained by the lingua franca. Advance through Retreat attempts to show, how, in specific historical moments, the use of or the retreat into tradition is employed as an efficient strategy of resistance.

The exhibition has been curated by Martina Köppel-Yang.

You can download a first selection of artwork images , poster and curator’s portraits via the following link:

The download code is ATR20140410

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