JD of Copy Writer for Center of China & Globalization

The Center of China & Globalization is the leading independent think tank in China and it is a pool of academic scholars, business leaders and public policy experts from both China and abroad. The CCG’s researches focus on the globalization of Chinese talent, the globalization of Chinese enterprises and other international issues, while exploring the opportunities and challenges for China in the globalization era. As one of the largest independent think tanks in China, CCG has over 50 full time researching and working staff, with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and New
York. CCG distinguishes itself by its national influence and international outreach. CCG seeks to be an international, independent and influential think tank in China. With its growing impact in global society, professional writing is
needed to communicate with CCG’s council members, academic advisors, global counterparts and international readers.

Title and Department

Research Associate, Editorial and Research Department

Scope of work:

1. Write weekly English briefing about CCG to international audience.
2. Summary in English the reports and publications of CCG
3. Write English news after CCG events and major announcement,
maintain good quality of CCG’s English website
4. Support on research projects of CCG


1. English native speaker, with English as the first language.
2. Studying experience in China is ideal but not mandate
3. 2-3 years working experience in think tanks, academia or media
4. Good work ethic, responsible and reliable.
5. Self driven and good team member.

Please send your bio to Sunyuhong@ccg.org.cn

To learn more about CCG, please check website: http://en.ccg.org.cn/

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