HIRING: China columnist, Reuters Breakingviews

The world’s leading provider of real-time financial commentary is seeking a columnist to lead its agenda-setting coverage of Chinese business, finance and economics. This is an opportunity to tackle some of the most important, yet often misunderstood, topics in global finance. China’s corporations dominate their industries, its consumers set trends and its bureaucrats shape markets. The country’s efforts to shift to slower, more balanced growth while managing the huge debts it has accumulated pose enormous risks for the economy – and for the ruling Communist party.

We are looking for a columnist who is able to analyze Chinese corporate accounts, describe the complexities of the financial system, discuss the big issues facing the country and write about them in a fresh and engaging way. Building on Reuters Breakingviews’ reputation for accuracy, clarity and sophisticated insight, the columnist will have access to senior executives and policymakers, razor-sharp analytical skills, an ability to generate ideas and the skill to explain complex concepts to an international audience.

The role involves:

  • Writing strong, original views on Chinese business, finance and economics – both responding rapidly to breaking news and setting the agenda.
  • Developing contacts with senior executives, policymakers and analysts.
  • Working closely with other Breakingviews columnists in Asia and the rest of the world to explore ideas and views with broader appeal.
  • Presenting ideas in fresh and interesting ways, such as developing our popular range of interactive calculators and graphics.
  • Promoting Breakingviews by participating in conferences, appearing on television/radio and creating a robust social media presence.

The successful applicant will have:


  • Demonstrable ability to generate agenda-setting ideas for a global financial audience.
  • A firm grasp of China’s economy and its business and financial landscape.
  • Good working knowledge of Chinese.
  • Familiarity with key concepts of valuation and financial analysis
  • The ability to deliver punchy, well-argued opinions to tight deadlines.


Please apply to Peter Thal Larsen peter.thal.larsen@th​omsonreuters.com​

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