CHat Shanghai. Thu-Fri 1-2 Sep 2016

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CHat Shanghai. Thu-Fri 1-2 Sep 2016


Welcoming some 350 experts in digital marketing, this 2 day conference allows business representatives to exchange best practices on Social – Mobile – China – and WeChat.


CHat is a 2 day conference dedicated to WeChat and global messaging app trends. The top speakers and experts will come together from across China. A celebration of all things related to WeChat. CHat is a place to network, learn and have fun.

  • Presentations from top WeChat marketing and technical experts
  • In-depth and practical morning workshops
  • Booth display areas featuring the latest WeChat products and services
  • Interactive WeChat activities and games
  • Panel discussions with experts, brands and WeChat KOLs
  • Drinks and networking

Interested in WeChat and the global messaging app market? Then you will not want to miss this event.

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(Please send an email to get a Shanghai FCC member discount code, the paid up member can use ESSCA’s promo code to get an exclusive 15% discount)


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