Corporate Reporter, Volvo Shanghai

This role is created to be an important member of the APAC internal communications team, with the purpose to capture and highlight business dynamics and existing passion of co-workers in the region, thus contributing to the Company’s transformation journey by elevating the OHI and realizing the ambition of being the “Employer of Choice”. The daily tasks of this role include, but not limited to writing/editing/polishing news stories, feature articles, presentations, as well as conducting TV interviews and related production etc. He/she will be a member of the APAC/Global internal communication network and will lead the editorial board in news-desk planning and execution.

Ideal candidate will need to have strong journalistic skills, being able to identify, develop and promote internal news in a timely and interesting manner. The individual will be working in a very dynamic and fast-paced environment with heavy focus on interaction amongst various departments and individuals within the Company.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Being a key member in the editorial board to plan future coverage based on corporate milestones and product launch cadence;
  • Proposing story ideas, including topics and interviewees;
  • Writing, editing and producing relevant news packages;
  • Copy-editing and polishing other stories written by Chinese writers and recording voice-overs when necessary.
  • Act as the “bridge” between APAC and global news-desk to make sure APAC stories are well presented in Global News channel
  • Develop and maintain related “stylebook” to ensure proper use of nomenclature, grammar, graphics and names;


Job Qualifications:

  • Native English speaker;
  • Bachelor degree or above, preferably in journalism, economics, public relations, sociology, or communications;
  • Demonstrably excellent writing skills;
  • Interested in corporate culture, people development and automotive industry;
  • Ability to identify, develop and deliver key messages to targeted audiences;
  • Strong knowledge in publishing, graphics design, photo and video editing, such as Adobe Photoshop and Premiere
  • Results oriented, energetic and focused, with strong time management skills and the ability to work well under pressure.
  • Agency experience is preferred.
  • Good team player.

Please contact:  Alex Xu :

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