Amcham Shanghai is seeking an Online Content Manager

Online Content Manager, Amcham Shanghai
Amcham Shanghai is seeking an Online Content Manager. The role is varied and includes web management responsibilities, writing assignments and oversight of the Chamber’s social media presence. Below is an overview of the responsibilities of the role.

· Upload articles/photos daily and oversee day-to-day management of our website. Website should be updated at least once a week with event write-ups/photographs

Insight Magazine Tasks:
· Write, pitch ideas and edit articles for Insight, the Chamber’s bi-monthly periodical
· Collect 8 to 9 AmCham event photos w/captions from the previous month for “Month in Pictures” section
· Collect 2 to 3 event write-ups from the previous month w/pictures/captions for “Event Report” section
· Arrange/interview Chamber committee heads for “Meet the Committee Heads” section
· Provide help with editing/design work as necessary

Social Media:
· Maintain AmCham’s social media platforms, including WeChat, Linkedin and Facebook. Maintenance includes proof reading ALL content before posting.
· WeChat: Organize and maintain the daily WeChat schedule. Posts will be released according to a level of importance and relevance as deemed by the Chamber. Maximum 5 posts/day.
· Linkedin: Post content from Insight or Upcoming Events. Maintain account as necessary as the official administrator.
· Facebook: Post content from Insight or Upcoming Events. Maintain account as necessary as the official administrator.
Analyze social media data; collect information monthly and share insights with relevant personnel including C&P department as well as management team.

Weekly/Monthly Events:
· Manage photographic coverage of important AmCham events
· Coordinate with our photographer
· Attend important events and provide timely write-ups.
· Look up AmCham Shanghai in the news on a monthly basis.

Weekly Briefing:
· The Chamber’s weekly newsletter is organized by IT and sent out every Thursday. The Online Content Manager will be responsible for editing and sorting through relevant icons.

· Carefully edit various documents (from all departments) sent to C&P before publishing

Qualifications Needed

· Strong editing skills for various documents passed through Communications and Publications (C&P) before publication
· Strong social media strategy skills
· Understanding of the China-U.S. economic relationship
· Ability to work well in a small team, as well as individuals from different departments
· Native-level English
· Some knowledge of html

Applicants can send cover letters and CVs to

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