RedTech Advisors seeks freelance writers

RedTech Advisors seeks freelance writers


RedTech Advisors is seeking freelance writers to contribute articles to our website and weekly newsletter.


We are an independent research firm that covers the Chinese internet sector. Think tech giants like BAT, as well as up and comers such as Toutiao and Pinduoduo.


Together the companies we track span eCommerce, advertising, mobile payments, social media, car hailing, education, travel, gaming and cloud computing.


Although these companies touch on a range of industries, we aren’t looking for a generalist. We are looking for someone who knows a subject inside out, to give our clients insight that goes beyond surface level detail.


The ideal candidate will have specialist knowledge of one or more of our target industries. It doesn’t matter if it is China focused, or you know about the impact of our target companies’ expansion to S.E. Asia, or beyond.




We are open to candidates from all backgrounds. Our key criterion is that they must have demonstrable knowledge of our target industries/companies, and can build on what we have already.


The majority of our clients are investors or multinational companies. Therefore experience writing for these audiences would be advantageous.




Write 1-2 articles per month.

Come up with a steady stream of ideas.

Plan articles around fixed dates, e.g. earnings calls, shopping holidays, etc.


If you are interested, email a short cover letter, 2-3 writing samples, and your CV to:


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