FAQs on partnerships, emailing members, posting jobs, speaking to the FCC

How can I collaborate with the FCC on cobranded or co-sponsored events? What are the FCC’s criteria for partnering?

Proposals for collaborations – by which we mean a project or event involving joint expenditures, co-branding, or other more intense forms of organizational cooperation – will be evaluated by the board on a case by case basis. We look to collaborate on events involving heavy expense better shared among multiple organizations that are a natural fit for our core mission: helping Shanghai-based journalists and media professionals do their job, but we are limited by available time and democracy.

Can I advertise my event on the FCC’s website? Will the FCC help me advertise my event/service/report to members directly via email?

The FCC is open to publishing information about third-party events seen as of specific relevance to foreign media professionals and reporters in China, but needs to limit the amount of emails sent out and control the quality of those that are. Events offering members SFCC special pricing on event tickets, small amounts of free food and/or drink, or other minor incentives will be considered more favorably than events that are simply seeking to broadcast to the widest audience possible. However, incentives the board sees as attempting to influence coverage of an event, organization or company, or otherwise compromise ethical reporting – i.e. paid vacations, extremely generous gifts etc – will be rejected. Note this is a volunteer organization and there is no guarantee that posts will be put up in a timely manner, although we will try our best. The FCC will not release any information on its members to outside parties, including email addresses.

I’m an executive/politician/regulator/diplomat/newsmaker and I want to give a presentation or have a conversation with the FCC membership. What do I do?

Email board@shanghaifcc.org and we will help set it up, provided we agree with your thesis that members want to hear what you have to say, based on our knowledge of the sorts of events/speakers that have done well in the past. This is simply an attempt to prevent people from preparing presentations and having nobody show up. For example, highly academic presentations on subjects that have nothing to do with China, or events designed to position a service like search engine optimization or consulting are not going to generate turnout. Note we are also willing to set up off-the-record events on a very selective basis,  and we generally try to work with those who want limits on the number of attendees. As a general rule we do not offer off-the-record opportunities for analysts/economists/researchers who are simply giving their analysis of publicly available information.

I am a specialist in a skill journalists use. Is the FCC interested in …

Yes, yes, yes! The FCC runs a pro development series and is actively seeking professionals who can help educate our members. If you know how to deal with technology tools used in reporting, or source development, or videography etc, reach out to board@shanghaifcc.org and we’ll make it happen. NOTE: Fee structures etc. are subject to negotiation but the FCC itself does not seek to profit from such events, only to ensure a good deal for our members.

I’m hiring! Can I post a job on the FCC site?

The FCC’s primary mission is happy to help connect legitimate employers and qualified employees and nearly any full-time job posting involving journalism or media will be posted for redistribution. However, given widespread complaints of abuse in the freelancing community, the FCC board reserves the right to hold back advertisements for freelance positions of unclear legal status until the employer clarifies that status to the board. The FCC does not post advertisements for jobs with Chinese central government-owned media.

I’m a member. Do I get special privileges in terms of posting and emailing jobs/events/etc?

No. The rules we apply to the email list and website are universally applied. Membership entitles members to other benefits, including discounted and free events, and reciprocity at other clubs. It is not a loophole into the email list.