The Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club offers a line-up of informative events as diverse as the news itself. Regular discussions, lectures, and panels feature expert analysis on a range of topics including business, politics, economics, art, publishing, health and history. The events held by the SFCC each month also include social mixers and parties, tastings, and consular debriefings.

At our regular events, members get acquainted and become part of the dynamic community of professional foreign journalists in Shanghai. The network of SFCC members offers stimulating socialization as well as practical help in things like finding a lead for a story and even finding new jobs.

The SFCC community communicates through a members-only mailing list. Official club news and event information are posted to the list, but members may also use it to share their own inquiries and announcements.

SFCC cardholders can also access the events, resources, members and (where relevant) facilities of reciprocal clubs, including Hong Kong and Beijing.